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Tree Root Damaged Concrete/Asphalt Cutting & Removal

StumpMaster can eliminate concrete and asphalt trip hazard liabilities caused by damage from tree roots with our special root grinding equipment.

Our work and annual site reviews guarantee we get to the root of the problem.


Tree Root Concrete Panel Displacement – Grinding

Tree roots can upheave a concrete sidewalk or walkway panels. StumpMaster uses a concrete grinder to sand down the raised side of the two joining sections of concrete. A maximum of 2 inch vertical displacement may be repaired by grinding. Over 2 inches must be replaced.


Root Barrier Installation

A root barrier can keep a plant’s roots out of unwanted areas, leaving your driveway, walkways, pipes and foundation free from obstruction and costly repairs. Using a root barrier with smaller plants in your garden bed keeps the roots from intertwining with those of other plants. When used between trees and shrubs, a root barrier helps prevent foundation cracks. Root barriers come in either metal, hard plastic or stiff nylon fabric material. The best time to install a root barrier is before you plant.