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Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming Maintenance Plans

Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming Maintenance Plans


Most new and established landscapes require regular pruning and trimming schedules to not only keep a neat and tidy appearance but also promote healthy growth, prevent overgrowth, and assess and remove potential safety hazards.

Give us a call at 604-805-0425 and have our ISA Certified Arborists evaluate your property’s pruning and trimming needs. We’ll develop the right size maintenance plan that ensures the plants, trees, shrubs and hedges on your property get the right attention at the right time each year. 

Commercial Pruning and Trimming Plans

First impressions are everything. Keeping your grounds and surrounding property clean-cut is a reflection of your brand. Many municipalities even require businesses to adhere to a certain standard when it comes to their landscaping. Regular pruning and trimming can also be important from a safety perspective. For example, you need to prune broken or decayed branches and trim hedges so they do not restrict sightlines.

We offer annual and bi-annual pruning and shrub trimming plans for businesses like yours, as well as customized maintenance plans for formal and informal hedge trimming.

We also offer Sidewalk Trip Hazard and Root Damage Services. Repairing uneven concrete (rather than replacing) followed by our annual site reviews can help commercial property owners save thousands of dollars on maintaining concrete sidewalks and walkways.

Strata Pruning and Trimming Plans

At StumpMaster, we understand the added responsibility Strata Councils and Property Managers have to manage expenses well and enhance property value for all its stakeholders. Just like our commercial plans, our pruning and trimming service plans create a great first impression and provide lasting value. We also address safety and security concerns. A regular and proper pruning and trimming schedule can also promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of having to replace plants in the future – a common frustration for many Strata Councils. Even if you have an ongoing landscaping contract with another company, our ISA Certified Arborists can provide the added expertise in how to really care for your trees and shrubs.

Residential Pruning and Trimming Plans

Stop spending your weekends doing cumbersome yard work like pruning trees and trimming shrubs! Call in the experts from StumpMaster who know exactly when and how to take care of all the trees, shrubs and hedges on your home’s property. We have all the equipment to make our job fast – we will be done the work and finished cleaning up before you even know it, leaving your yard looking better than ever.

Most of our homeowner clients use our bi-annual maintenance plan to keep their trees, hedges, and shrubs healthy, particularly if they want to maintain a formal hedge that is tightly clipped. Yards with informal hedges that take on a more natural shape may only require trimming once per year. Pruning of newly planted trees should be limited to corrective pruning. Remove torn or broken branches, and save other pruning measures for the second or third year.

If a tree or shrub’s roots has cracked or lifted your concrete driveway or walkway we can help! Our Root Damage Services are designed to repair your uneven concrete sidewalk or walkway without damaging existing landscaping, using heavy equipment or removing extra concrete.

Have Us Design Your Maintenance Plan

Call StumpMaster at 604-805-0425 and have our ISA Certified Arborist review your property and determine a pruning and trimming schedule that will address your needs and budget. You can also complete our Online Quote Estimator to request this information.

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Building our trusted reputation for quality workmanship one property at a time since 2008! StumpMaster owner/operator Dan Cacic brings over 20 years of Arboriculture experience and is present at each job site to ensure all work is performed with the same level of care and precision as he would expect for his own property. Our work is professional and our cleanup is second to none. We are fully licensed and insured with excellent standing with both WCB and the Better Business Bureau. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote!