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Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Tree and Shrub Pruning Services


Feeling a little nervous about pruning? For the average homeowner it can be a daunting undertaking when you consider all that is involved.

That’s why for years hundreds of homeowners and commercial property owners have relied on StumpMaster’s professional expertise and meticulous pruning services. Our ISA Certified Arborists will advise on the right time to prune and how much of the plant to prune. We bring in the right equipment and tools to do the job, put in the hard work, and remove debris and clean up the property upon completion.

Our Pruning Services

StumpMaster’s ISA Certified Arborists offer all types of pruning for trees and shrubs including:

  • Crown Shaping and Reduction
  • Fine Pruning
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Clearance Pruning
  • Crown Raising

When is the Best Time to Prune?

The best time of year to prune your trees and shrubs depends on the type of plant as well as the purpose for pruning. For example, you may be interested in our pruning services in order to promote flowering or you may be in desperate need of our pruning services to remove a safety hazard on your property. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the overall health of the plant prior to pruning in order to prevent diseases from spreading.

When in doubt (or even if you think you know) it is best to call StumpMaster at 604-805-0425 to discuss the specific trees and shrubs on your property.

Benefits of Pruning

Putting in the time and effort to prune the trees and shrubs on your property can reap great rewards. It may seem counterintuitive but pruning actually promotes better growth and keeps your trees and shrubs healthy. Freshly pruned trees enhance your property’s curb appeal. Through pruning you can achieve more air penetration and allow more sunlight to filter into your property. Pruning is also important because dying, diseased, damaged or dead branches can be hazardous during unpredictable weather and can damage your house, fences, and sheds, as well as neighboring properties.

Request Your Pruning Quote Today

At StumpMaster we are ready to assess your property’s pruning requirements and determine a pruning schedule and timeline. We can also discuss potential tree and shrub removal options if applicable.

Call us at 604-805-0425 or complete our quick Online Pruning Quote Form Estimator and we will get back to you with pricing and rates.

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Why Choose StumpMaster?


Building our trusted reputation for quality workmanship one property at a time since 2008! StumpMaster owner/operator Dan Cacic brings over 20 years of Arboriculture experience and is present at each job site to ensure all work is performed with the same level of care and precision as he would expect for his own property. Our work is professional and our cleanup is second to none. We are fully licensed and insured with excellent standing with both WCB and the Better Business Bureau. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote!